The Infinity Project

!Banzai, Bonzai, Bonds Eye!

!Banzai, Bonzai, Bonds Eye! (pdf)


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HOle Puncher

Comment by jlkj

I am implementing these plans also with renewed vigor for life and ensuing of planet energy hogs. Trade one bad thing for something else. make more instructions especially for chinese children to follow! Roll your hopes in powdered sugar then look for the wet spot. Then add more sugar.

Comment by lee

hey John how goes, river froze over canoe won’t float to well this time of year, plants won’t grow in cold and snow, we keep the drilling going for the black oil and gas for heat, use our resources gently and don’t waste, interesting site, been awhile river Jim is doing well.

Comment by Chuck

I’m headed you’re way Chuck, coming up the ColonBiass. River now.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

You are RETARDED! Spell check compadre, invention of the man, intended to alleviate the the stress of stupidity in writing from self acclaimed pseudo intellectual tools, who believe they can change the world by naming things they know nothing about by offering no real plan of action. Check “Yourself” before you wreck “Yourself”. This kind of crap you post hurts your cause.

Comment by captain chappin

When I hit spellcheck my stuff lights up like a Christmass tree. ?Sabe? When I get chapped I prefer Burt’s Bees spearmint(herba buena) up my nose, what do you do about your problem? If you have a better idea than undamming(not a word recognized by most people or in the dictionary) the surface of this planet spit it out quick, fool.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

Found your business cards scattered in my neighborhood by the bridge and was curious. Why, why, why?!?

Comment by Kurt

Reson? To undam the surface of this planet and the rest of the joint. To insure that the laughing, singing, and dancing(perhaps even some working) children project down by the free flowing river proceeds henceforth. multiple 8 sideways

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

Indeed if you wish to promote yoru ideas have a friend read them over first For instance you reference:
” there “cookies” ” incorrect use of the word ‘there’ and the quote are unnecessary. If you don’t have a grammer buddy to go with your creativity I recommend reading the highly informative grammer comics on The Oatmeal website.

Comment by salamane

I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I was referring to the loocation of the said “cookies” not whose they were, and the word cookies is slang for…

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

sorry that was ‘your’ ideas not ‘yoru’ 🙂

Comment by salamane

Caution. This piece is written in several languages including olde english. It is devoid of modern english.

Comment by john jolley

I was this website wrote on a rock in St. Johns Portland,OR 97203 near the Willamette river, what is it about ?

Comment by Gary Goldmen

Mr. Goldman, I’m Mr. Kanazawa. 8 sideways

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

I’m stoned, I ment to say I saw this website

Comment by Gary Goldmen

YOU should never get stoned, unless you deserve it, Get a nugget instead.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

I don’t think you could turn on your computer and go online unless you had electricity.

Comment by clutchgirl

How long did it take you to figure out how to do it? MAXphytoPLANKton

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

saw this at boardman oregon city park

Comment by megan

One should realize that they could easily write the info down(copy the address on the business card, read it and remember, take note) with there required note taking equipment, and perhaps double or better the people who get the info. If one was to remove the flyer, card, or info and take it HOme, put it above the stove(for instance), not act upon it, or share the info as quickly as possible with others… essentially they’d be hiding the info from others, and working against the undamming of the surface and the infinityproject. It’s part of the trap. It’s been set for what appears to be eons, we’re just springing it now.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

You need psychiatric help….I received your spam email. You need to talk to a health professional about schizophrenia…because buddy, you are OUT THERE.

Comment by Bert Hamilton

B.T., I Wreckormend one pronounce out loud, verbally the letters O U T T H E R E and think about who I am. S U P E R ^ S B A C K. Introit.

Comment by JLKJ

Very interesting, check out THRIVE, I am sure you are familiar with the ideas. Thank you for some clever writing,

Comment by Terry Wray Bowling

We’re reading your stuff. Give your parents a call.
Mom & Dad

Comment by Betty Jolley

i met him the other day he is in tri citys

Comment by ben

Met you in Saint Joseph, MO today while having a sandwich (complemented you for your awesome taste in the parmasean cheese on the sammie). Reading your work thanks to the card you gave me. Great conversation with an interesting guy! Love your style. Your mind I must say was one of the most complex I’ve ever come across in my life. It was a pleasure to have met you, keep us posted on your future endevours. – A friend

Comment by Amanda

It’s an enterprise.

Comment by jlkj

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