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Best postcard/postcard stamp ever.

Postcard (pdf)

Stamp 1 (pdf)

Stamp 2 (pdf)

Stamp 3 (pdf)


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Know as a potential assistant to/for life that the opportunity for sending this postcard/post stamp combination is massive. All ya need to do is print the 4 postcard page on thick paper (so the USPS machine in Chicago can “handle” it without jamming) cut it into corresponding 4 individual postcards (remember hell by definition is a place with no birds) affix USPS “Coastal Birds” stamp, address appropriately (I’ve given examples) and put em in the mail. I’ve given y’all my most and so has the USPS in delivering the best post age massage but you may be especially creative and come up with something better, if so please let me know what it is and of course be sure to make the USPS stamp committee know. Thanks

Comment by jlkj

John? Please get a hold of me…Nola.

Comment by Kate

John Jolley
Jun 5 (3 days ago)
to Amy
I’m in Charleston SC deseminating my new “a green square rag” newspaper with the “illuminati” teasing me in the background singing “start spreading the news” (be a part of it, new yoke), fucking jerks. robbing/stealing/misleading/teasing a not doing anything disernable to undam the rivers and save themselves grieve for what amounts to an unfathomable length of time trapped in a sick structure “living” amongst shameful disgraced homos+. I’m getting back in touch with you “kate” as you’ve asked me to.
Amy Orleans
Jun 7 (1 day ago)
to me
Aha! Yes…so you made it out of the gulf! Had most good intentions of publishing in NOLA and met with our own mocking audience all of the time. Thinking about getting out of the swamp and moving northward soon. It has gotten too hot here in many ways. Life has become one big mocking of the living words and am wanting to escape into semi wilderness. They seem to not want to harm us just mock. Observe like I am some sort of science project or animal in their zoo. Hope the boat is holding you well still. The man is about at the end of his building days and he too wants to get out of this city after so many years and go back to the woods. Kate yes my middle name as “they, mine enemies” have turned Amy into name I care not to ever be called by again. It has been 2 years since you left this port… much has changed can’t say it is good or bad…just change and it feels yucky. Time to move on…
John Jolley
1:15 PM (2 minutes ago)
to Amy
Yeah that’s what I’ve experienced from the highjackers (“illuminati”/mar’s co./whatever, suspect they’re from the reticulum galaxy) taking over the surface (vain attempt) teasing mockery. At present they’ve been robbing me and doing some kind of florida wildlife research (like the book of job) claiming they’re vespids (I’m not fooled). Just take note they’re seducing us all into robbery. I just explain to em the same thing I tell the humans, nobody’s getting into port (doomed to imprisonment) unless they assist I and Life undamming the rivers for starters. It actually appears a big reason I can’t get the team together thus far to undam the rivers and initiate solution (celestial city installation) is cause these creeps are incessantly teasing and mocking interested potentials as this is the limited report I get back from those who’ve even entertained the idea of assisting me or have. They get spooked by a obvious foreign entity that’s obviously scaring them into not doing the correct thing. Just like the wizard behind the green curtain in the wizard of oz (when going down the yellow brick rue) flying monkey’s, witches, poppy field’s and else. Get in a boat, attack the dam problem with naturally flowing river solution, eat mostly fruit, nuts and seafood.

Comment by jlkj

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