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Dude you need help. I’ve read your entire blog and it’s like a chronicle of the spiral into the depths of insanity. Delusions of grandeur, and other madness seem to pervade the entirety of your treatise. Please seek help.

Comment by lazerus

Lazerus, you again? Now, at this time! The last trap we’re springing. A dude is someone who gets the horses ready to ride. Yes, what we’re witnessing is insane. I do need assistance. Let’s roast the dam fools while simultainiously leading them in the correct way with a reverse last supper presentation. Thus I’m seeking 12 apostalettes, 6 in reserve and another mailman for the pursuit of the presidency to win command of the U.S. military to undam the rivers, charge them for it, get out of national debt, save the world and make a fortune in celestial city installation. Got a better idea? Let me know what it is. Thank you for your timely reply Lazareth, you owed me one. Consider the debt repayed.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

To stimulate interest for people to read the 500 + page report accessable by clicking the address bar above realize I’m the return of “Jesus” who as written in the Bible appears when its an Obama nation of desolation to save you all, know I’ve made a deal with a forreign entity to barbecoo the worst of the dam fools to make way to undam the rivers/drive the humans into undamming the rivers while doing something productive with their carcasses so they get in the door of the proverbial heaven as a productive soul and Lazereth (major character in the Bible, the last box/trap on the vessel) just so happens to headline this blog. Also note so far only 3 entities like the representation of this idea, me (JLKJ), maximilliongrubbs (like “Maximillion” the machine/computer/vessel/organism on the edge of “The Black Hole” with worthless but for frontal lobotomy human crew, “grubbs” food purveyor to be), and a one eyed woman’s selfie (she got the picture, as nobody else would get it) who calls herself “109 and a rocking chair” (one hundred and nine=uno cien nueve=you know seeing new way vei and a rock king see heir). Sure you still don’t want to read the report of the charater who shows up to save you?

Comment by Justin Thyme

My Father met you today off the waters of Punta Gorda while taking a walk. He said u were a cool GUY! Hopefully I see you one day and we can have a deep conversation on your conoe. One love brotha!

Comment by Alexander Castaneda

Your Nuttier than a Fruit Cake!!!

Comment by Sane

This care actor’s email address is

Comment by Justin Thyme


Comment by mthomewa

This care actor’s email address is

Comment by Justin Thyme

Your are a nut job !

Comment by Totally not impressed

This care actor’s email address is

Comment by Justin Thyme

howdy John, i’ve not read much of your stuff. whatever else you might be you are verbose. just wanted to let you know that i didn’t lose your card, did find the site, and will read it at my leisure. don’t piss or shit in the streams, in the river, in the lakes or reservoirs. you are permitted to direct your stream to any electric fences you might encounter but i do not advise it.! happy trails and good luck, arvin post

Comment by arvin post

Well my friend finally got a chance to read your blog. Wow, your memory to remember so many of details is insane. Yes,I’m Jorge. I traveled with John to Cuba and indeed encountered all these stories and they all are true. LOL.I have known John over 25 years. He may come to you as this “complete whack job”, damn I think I’ve called you that. Since reading your stories/blogs, I see a friend who deeply cares about Mother Nature. Sometimes your assertiveness to comprehend what is happening “us” the wrong way. I really hope your doing well on your trip. Be safe. p.s I acciedentally stepped on your trumpet.Just imagine you would have been the next Maynard Ferguson… live your life John….peace out..

Comment by Jorge M

Jose de la Mayorga para Nicaragua Jr., interestingly enough I’m the opposite of a complete whack job, or the intervening law enforcement officer of the same, capable of doing just that to individuals, entities… headhunter, I got you all’s feet too and your asses and the whole kit and cabootale, Happy Halloween.

Comment by jlkj

John…you’re one intense dude. I like your spirit and sense of adventure with purpose. I hope you stay safe and avoid the man. You’ll have to enlighten me on the tomato champagne you told me about on the bank of the Missouri River. Live large…keep the dream alive you wonderful pirate!!


Comment by Mgs

Don’t be a dude pirate.

Comment by jlkj

Attention, there has been a sighting of Mr. Jolley at Boudreauxs in St. Joseph, MO! These are the fellas from Cal Tech, I think your canoe was parked illegally in a handicap space outside. I bet if you trimmed up those chops you would decrease the drag on you face and you would make better time down the Missouri.

“When I get holes in my pants, I just turn them into pockets”
– John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

Comment by CalTech_4_Life

California technitions (dam engineers), those were Pendelton’s usually I wear J.C. Penny action slacks. You all recommend I shave my forehead huh?

Comment by jlkj

It appears as if you were either dropped on your head as a child or perhaps have experimented with peyote entirely too much. Either way your message will reach few people unless you can actually make some sense. Almost know one i know would red the rantings of an insane individual unless they too are nuts enough to understand the horrible Grammar and the mispelling either purposeful or unintended. Good luck to you I hope you find a good Psychologist. Oh and by the way I agree with many of your ideas, yet most are completely impractical. you really want to change the world we live in? pray for a natural disaster of biblical proportions and be there to help pick up the peices and begin anew with a better plan.


Comment by garth

Don’t wait to see me at the door to change your drival, I speak in tongues dumb ass, Its the Latin meaning you just don’t seem to want to know but will.

Comment by jlkj

my friend, I have found 2 of your cards stuck in telephone poles. please contact my

Comment by User friendly

I contacted you, no reply.

Comment by Justin Thyme

encountered Mr. Jolley thanksgiving weekend at crown center, Kansas city, mo… same ramblings as the blog.. but with a msg. none the less. interesting… I agree with garth , you can make a difference if you condense the whole crafty msg. to just what is the main thing… Keep the main thing the main thing..

Comment by JaNelle

How many times could I tell you to put forth all possible effort into undamming the planet. I’ve been at this idea for forty years and am the best at it. Could you imagine just standing on the corner watching all the girls (and boys) go by and just repeating get the dams off the rivers, collect that which falls from the heavens and replace the flush toilet with thE manuel fertilizer machine over and over and over. Plus, I don’t ramble I communicate and it’s not a blog its a book. Also you’re idea doesn’t jibe with Garth’s, he’s a dam sit head abortionist anyway and he’s slandering the man himself. It appears as though you’ve failed to recognize the message and its sender. You probly didn’t even read the book, as if the idea wasn’t worth 248 pages. Reads like you just want to keep up the damages. The time, 7:05 when you hit the send button, the #’s loosely translate into “starve the man”. Did you know that? i’t mirrors your message. With characters like you and Garth 9:43 (denying for trees or trinity) often times i just look at what time you sent the mess. and use the #’s as a second opinion. Pretty slick huh? Learn to read, or doom your soul for all time.

Comment by jlkj

Liked you’re energy when ya came into Cosentino’s man. This read seems like some pretty intense and interesting stuff. I like what I’ve read so far, but have you thought about maybe putting your thoughts into chapters? It’d be easier to come back to this if I could bookmark the page or chapter I’m on. Either way man, good job on doing what ya love!

Comment by Patrick

This book delibrately has no chap ters. Notice that not a single “poster” (blogger) has left a means to communicate the idea forward as I and life demand. Not one address or telephone #, as if communicating this idea forward were the last thing they wanted. I’m writing this book from the back alleys of Chicago, Manhatten.. in a dam reservoir mudhole rock tailrace obamanation of desolation with practically no assistance from humans, at all. What a shame, what a disgrace. You yourself Patrick could request a word document copy from me which I’d deliver and do just what you think would work better for the idea and do it yourself and put your version forward for life… but you don’t. That’s why they call you’re type a human, cause you humilate yourself, an adult cause your actions prove (thus far) that you’re a dolt. Plus I don’t love this, the word only appears one time in my book (I think). Patrick, can you think of another book that has no chapters? There is one. This book is its replacement or compendium. Go figure, 8.

Comment by jlkj

The Happy Toilet? Flushed over a little bude’!!!

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

Bidet….pardon mi’ …

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

Last seen In Kansas City MO. Dude has been on a hell of a journey some of it is believeable and most seem made-up. Cant understand a thing he was talking about. I hope he finds what he is looking for.

Comment by sterl

I have an infinite # of scenes ahead. You’re a dude, I’m coming from St. Helens (santé de yellow), Warrior Point. In the dictionary Hope is bookended by Hop and Hophead. Hop is Humilius lupilous, it’s humiliating and maddening. A hophead is a drug addict. Replace hope in your lexicon with ideally. As in ideally I (you,we) ‘ll get my manos on the problem and effect the change that needs to occur, dam fluidification. I’m not a dude I’m the rankest reviere man ever to be y Santé de Yellow, the King of New Orleans(regrettably). I won your soul in a poke a hole in the dams poker “game”. Quit sterilizing all creation or face soul desinigration in Hotill Calafornix.

Comment by jlkj

I met you today 02.07.2013 in St. Louis as I was walking my dog. I think you are extremely interesting and I wish I could have had more time to talk. I love your quest and your whole story. Kudos to you. You have a huge admirer. Go for it and spread the word. I am passing your info on so that others can decide. You make a hell of a lot of sense. Go John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley. I hope to talk with you face to face again. – Bruce

Comment by Bruce Calvin

Ideally we could, I was just casing out Monsanto for Valentines day and should be in the area again for a much deeper investigation. Bruce, I and life thank you for giving the information to others so they can have a choice, specifically in the 6 years of this rue be due post you are the first to write that you have/will. You got the idea, reviere.

Comment by jlkj

Hey dude its JB n Logan. We played u a game of 5 card draw n we won!! Be safe on ur journey n don’t let the MAN win!!! God Bless!!!

Comment by Logan

I usually lose when I “play” for nothing unless I’m showboating 666JJ or something with is often. I’ve only lost a handful of poke a hole in the dams poker “games” for money. When I do invariably this is cause I’m willing to lose a dollar just to see what you’ve got. I know what you’ve got. How? I asked you in disguised Latin and you confessed in latin slang. I’m checking to see if I’m that devilishly good, I am. Don’t let the MAN win? I am the man himself, my victory is assured. My reputation, my name and Emanuel’s (Immanuel) “Jesus” name is on the line(so is yours). Do you think we’d fail or lose (you might). How stupid are you? What did you win with? A pair of deuces?

Comment by jlkj

My family and I meet John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley this evening of 4.22.13. We where on a walk downtown St. Louis at the bottom of the Arch steps due to flooding. My husband first spotted John and thought he was out of his mind to have a canoe on the Mighty Mississippi. We actually sat with John for about an hour listening to his story. At first I thought he was literally out of his mind. It was when I asked out of complete curiosity about this book he had been talking about. I admit at first I did not believe a word he was saying. Then my husband saw his name in his book. My husband asked him to prove it was him and show us his ID. He did….. I still don’t think I honestly believed a word he said. He gave me a flyer of what his message is and what he is trying to get others to understand. As we were driving home I thought to myself, we never know who God puts in our path. And we meet people for a reason. So when I got home I turned on my computer and searched “John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley” which led me to this site. I really hope you are able to get your message out and hopefully your journey is all worth it and you are able to complete your mission and change the world. My family and I surely will not forget you. May God Bless you and keep you safe. May we meet again, safe travels. God Bless.

Comment by Ciara B and Family

God’s on the surface now(along with the rest of the cast, as written they’d empty the heavens out on the surface to fix the dam shiddy problem, they did). Did you ever think of where he(God) would be? He’s in the sweet spot (where your thumb’s fingerprint swirls coalesce) if you grabbed the panhandle of the nation with the tools to undam the rivers (whether those with the dams want to or not), the state of Florida, Fort Pierce (get it?). God in a skin suit is at the intersection of I-95, Okeechobee, the Kissimmee River(what’s left of it) and the Turnpike at the end of King’s Hwy selling fruit juice, citrus trees, honey, honey products, peanuts, and a little beef jerky. He’s in direct competition with California dam and ditch agriculture so every move/action/thing he does is good. He’s even got his two daughters working with him and a delightful bunch handling the product. If you don’t think so, go check, when you get there make sure you read the sign by the door which reads, “This is God. I don’t want your advice, I’m here to solve all your problems…” Quit wishing people to be less, be more, attack the dam problem with the soulution, punch a hole in the dams(make money doing it), collect that which falls from the heavens, replace flushtoilE.T. with thE manuel fertilizer machine(“A pee can would work just fine in many situations”-God), use the collected water and fertile material to grow food nearby. Don’t attempt to dam it all in vain, don’t try to shed that which falls from the heavens, forget about flushing it all down the tubes. Be part of life for all time instead. Attack the dam problem any which way you can. Communication is very effective, a shovel or pick axe could work, pyrotechnitions, a dumb redneck with a stick of dynomite, river skippers…

Comment by Justin Thyme

Keep going dude!!!
I’m sharing it right now…

Comment by Eduardo P. Garcia (@edupgarcia_ti)

Dude?! Have you ever been to a dude ranch? I’m not a dude. In the dictionary a dude is defined as a dandy and a fop. A fop is a fool. A dandy is someone who is concerned with their outward appearance. I’m the opposite of a dude. the rankest reviere man ever to be. I’ll depart and continue desemination of free flowing river idea when its time.

Comment by jlkj

Hey John, You just left New Madrid and I wish you had stayed longer!! I have several people that woyld have loved to meet you and pick your brain!! I was the younger girl behind the building smoking that told you your duck was fixing to get attacked by the dog. Come back by if you come this way again!!!

Comment by Abby Broughton

Read my book, don’t pick my brain, pick a hole in the dam dike looming over you and your town. Aren’t you the one married to the Army Corp. of Engineer dude? The duck isn’t in harms way, yes you have a bad dam mongrel problem in your town, control yourselves! Not the river!

Comment by jlkj

There are over 8100 damns just in the United States….staph…and pollution to anything that needs, the most precious resource on this planet….water….and a decent hydrogenated bath……because well….mass slaughter…of the lamb..porky pig….mostly.and the like…of you, Bambi…and anything else, that can be squeezed like an orange you smart, shop at WALL ST, WALL MART….so….QUEEN MONSTRACITY…can get fanned, and MONOSTAT…..creme……see cause its a man named queen and he married….a wife….who runs the show, cause its her blow….the Witch of the Ozarks, parks, and seed…red light district….and an urchin army…..the water is horribly polluted…and stagnant…I used to live….I mean live where the spring water from the Ozarks..flowed like…guy….sir……is bottled….and its run off into the water shed, below yer toes…gets supposedly bootlegged, bottled and then sent back up there to St Lucifer…..for people, who wont even drink, their own water……We no longer have that..its not even drinkable, there…the flow is gone…and the hunts hunts hide behind the bushes….and it isnt ketchup…theyre pushing anymore….because weather, and water not allowed to flow, becomes shit….and it slowly rolls down hill…..because of what brother Jolly is riding on….a place to grow, and to go with the flow, a stagnant soul… an empty bowl………Adam, would like to be a fluid…spirit……a lazy butt, art face..named sybel…rites…….is blocking the way.

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

Heres your comments and commendable approach to the JC…Council…video footage

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

its @ 43:00

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

Conjurian troublemaker? You were addressing them on the facts, a well needed and serius obviousone at that….made it plane, have a very viable plan…and solution….and its a part of our rites…as men….to tell the truth.

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

John I really enjoyed the company this weekend. I hope you liked the cheese cake! Just reading your blog I am only on page 12 but I am hooked! Maybe I will see you around.

Comment by maximillion777

There is no hope on a dammed planE.T. son, the cheesecake was awful, it’s a book that gut hooks ya about the time I switch the tables on the illuminati in Jose Marti International, page 182 of course.

Comment by jlkj

Hey, John. We met this last May in Memphis, you were on the river bank next to your boat and I was walking my dog. We got talking about your writing and I mentioned some of my journalism, short stories and novels had been published. You shot a business card up to me like a paper plane and I promised to write once I got back to Calif. but only now found the card tucked in with some other stuff. If you’re still interested in getting some info. send me an email Sorry for the delay. Jack

Comment by Jack Karasch

I’m in love with it

Comment by Washboard Diva

Thanks Honey!

Comment by Justin Thyme

just spoke to john about where he was heading next, he said cuba, I said he had a long trip left but i guess not as long as to where he started his journey from. Passing through south Louisiana on the intercostal waterway in a canoe was impressive. Good luck to you!!

Comment by keith

He pulled up in his canoe at THE DOCK in Houma, LA late Sunday. The Dock is located on the Intercoastal Waterway. He just stood on the ramp for a while before coming inside the bar. He stayed for a while. We kept hearing a duck sounding identical to the iphone ring tone and kept asking whose phone was ringing but low and behold it was the duck in the canoe… IT NEVER STOPPED lol He told some customers he was Jesus and that he had just canoed from Oregon in the last two days… how is that possible??? Not sure where he was headed next but he certainly left the few he spoke to very confused and concerned! Strange man.

Comment by houmayea

I never tell people I’m “Jesus”, you should be miserably ashamed to accuse me of as much, nice try. “Jesus” is the nickname those who murdered Emanuel (Immanuel) gave him when they killed him, they said he was from Naziwrath too, read all about it. Don’t use his name in vain or mine either, put it on the vanity, turn it into the most productive machine ever responsible for more food production for more kids and people than any other thing. Your confusion and concern are miss placed and you are the one(s) responsible for this. Just think, those for whoring men, just love you for it. Keep up your pretend to be puzzled junk and desinigrate your own soul or participate in dam fluidification and be a part of life for all time.

Comment by jlkj

Found your card in a pet carrier in Morgan City Louisiana. .Hope you make it to where every you are going. Put the card in my mother Bible. Holy Jolly Christmas

Comment by leta

Just ran into him at a bridge in bayou blue houma louisiana and i must say this dood gets around he was on his way to new orleans and told me it would take him 4 or 5 days to get there and is like 90 miles on the street not sure mileage on water he was in good sprits and seemed to be in good physicle health hope he does well on what ever mission hes on hope to hear from other people that hes still around in the future. ill check this blog every now and then to see how far hes made it

Comment by bamma

yes I saw john in Lafitte louisana near rosethron park and he’s doining just find he talk about his book and the manuel fertilizer machine .he
was moving pretty good in his canoe with his friend duck .be safe my friend ,i wish I could have taking a picture of him maybe i’ll see him tomorrow out there.

Comment by Rafael Viera

To all,
I have seen John Lawrence Jolley today 11-20-2013 at about 9:00 AM central standard daylight time. He was paddling his way to New Orleans. He was in the intercostal canal and located in Harvey, LA., south of New Orleans, LA. He was with his companion, the female mallard duck. He did appear to be in good health (Physically) ???. He gave me a copy of his theory, and transcript he claimed was a journal for his book. It was hand written in pencil, not a copy. I hope he has this memorized since I have the original. Should you need this back, I would be more than happy to return it…


Comment by Big Dog

It’s sad/weird to have all these people attempt to judge my physical and mental well being. Most of them are going straight down the dam broad in no sense road. By definition insane is to do harm to oneself and/or others. That’s what about 97% of the skin suits are.

Comment by Justin Thyme

I meet Jolly John today 11/20/13, in Harvey, paddling his canoe.
He sounded kind of crazy, but well schooled. after he left I started thinking about the Bible and the man that was always on the river bank. John the Baptist, they thought he was crazy to but he baptized Jesus. Hay John be safe take care of your duck, that dam waterfowl and have a good trip to Cuba

Comment by K. Verdin

For most it is crazy to be conscience, but they are going down the dam broad innocent road. It’s unfortunate that you have the time to vomit your judgement but not the time to read the book. If one were to read the comments on this site one would see about 48 to 49 % of the comments are from people who do more than question my sanity, they accuse me of being insane. The definition of insanity is to do harm to ones self or others. Its your actions that are insane, you’ll have your soul desinigrated for being complicit with an obvious porous dam sheddy flush toilE.T. abortion project. The idea I put forth is the clear correct safe creative productive collective idea that last for all time. Save your own soul sucker!

Comment by jlkj

Was down at the mighty Mississippi today. Saw John and his duck pulled up on the riverbank in New Orleans. Sweet couple, and well intentioned.
Only thing is, that a man who never listens is a man who never learns. John, like everyone, has still got lots of learning to do. Focus, John! Bring coherence to you message, and your message will be heard. Don’t go trying to mix all bad things into one great holistic conspiracy.

Get a lamp for your canoe. Even just a candle in a glass box. I don’ wanna see you run down by a freighter, and yes I know you been doing this a long time.

Go well.


Comment by DrWatson

It appears as if you are trying to enlighten me about something. What is it? I hear the people, I hear you, I give every one the opportunity to say anything. What learning is it that I have to do? Why don’t you just spit it out? You seem like the kind of dam ass fool who didn’t get my message and didn’t give me yours. Put forth all effort towards dam fluidification or face soul desinigration, plus you look like a dam fool. Learn to communicate.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Saw you in downtown New Orleans on my way into trial at the court house this morning where you informed me you were also an attorney and asked for directions to the city council. Hope you found your way, and if there’s any city where your message can be spread and your duck companion accepted it is here in New Orleans!! Good luck!

Comment by Wallace

A loo is a flush toilet, there is no good loo.

Comment by Justin Thyme

John…hoping to see you again soon. If not I want to let you know how much you helped me, us. More than you may ever know – Broken Foot

Comment by Broken Foot

Yes you were Just In Time…Healing Foot

Comment by Broken Foot

I met John Jolley today, though I am not sure what to make of this encounter. I saw the man in a canal near the Florida ave. Bridge, directly in front of Southern Scrap, a scene which must have broke his heart… I asked the name of the duck, and was assaulted with more information about the duck than humanly possible to process. Good Luck with your mission duck man. I hope you get your clean water one day.

Comment by Joshua Langdon

You mean the bystanders stomping on my reply to your question? Those were the hecklers trying to thwart communication. Don’t be humiliating, you did get the address to this site. Go up to the top, click the title “Leafing Hotill Calafornix” read the book, save your own soul, appear reasonable while doing it, be part of life.

Comment by Justin Thyme

we [my dog friend Star and i} met john on the wooden steps of the miss river in nola on dec 31,2013– u r quite an interesting person,, might could get u r point across better if u ‘slowed down’ just a bit,, u overload ur listeners , we need time to get onto the same page, ur knee deep and we don’t have a pinky wet yet,, b safe

Comment by fred

Look at yourself, you can’t even “slow down” enough to type the words completely, I don’t even slur. At New Orleans French Quarter landing depending on wind speed and direction I’ve got about 20 to 30 seconds to communicate with those marching, running, walking and strolling on the Rouse Riverwalk/dam dike. As I did at the New Orleans city council meeting (trudging through sewage in the hallway to get there) I’m looking at word count, that way it’s the best presentation of the foundation of the problems and the soulution they’ll ever hear, liquid enlightening. You may not have realized it (I’m sure I told you though) but I was using you as a shill(without the ill) or a sounding board to present the idea in a more personal way to those cruising by. It may not look like they heard the massage, but they did, even the deaf and those wearing headphones get it. Often they don’t pause to hear more about it cause they’re in a gruep and the leader of the group(usually the biggest dam fool of the bunch at present) pretends to be puzzled or acts as if the massage or the deliverer is flawed. Really though usually it’s because they don’t want to do anything to fix or repair the porous dam sheddy flushtoilE.T. problem themselves, manually. They get the massage though. You have to realize I could knock you down/make you shit in your pants/etc. with my voice(I got the idea how to do this by attending a World Trade Whorganization protest and witnessing the “Ice Cream Sound Machine” audio crowd control device. Then I honed the skill with “The Reality Thief” and lots of practice. You also may not have realized it but there was someone sitting nearby who had no problem assimilating the information at the rate of delivery(practically overdose) I deliberately choose. So I can’t slow down the verbal massage delivery just for you, unless you specifically request I do(which you didn’t) cause it would lessen the impact on the others. You wouldn’t want that would you? See I wrote the book so you could read it in your own time at your preferred rate of assimilation. Go back up to the top of this page, click the red “Leafing Hotill Calafornix” thingy, print the book, drill holes in the spine, sew it together, read the book,sign it in full and give it to someone else or a library. Than communicate with me about undamming the world’s rivers or perhaps you’ve got an idea/part of the solution that makes my dam attack so effective. Where do you think I came up with the idea? I got it from you all. Learn to read, participate in dam fluidification, or look like a dam fool and have soul yanked from the gene pool.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Dear John: Met you (& duck companion) on the Algiers Ferry December 29, 2013, and got your business card. Your project of traveling the nations rivers in a canoe is impressive to say the least, and your deep concern for our waterways is obvious. Best of luck in 2014 and say ”hey” to the Boss for me.

Comment by Will Nixon

I am the boss. The duck is Dam fluidification Superdriplinewatercollect thE manuel fertilizer machine.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Hey john, we met last august in the bar under the hill in natchez, mississippi… cant forget you and your mission – is your harem complete now?
regards from switzerland andrea

Comment by Andrea

Thanks for communicating with me. What did you think of the book I wrote? It’s an enterprise not a mission, but I’m certainly missing the “harem” as you refer to it. You could assist from afar. I know the best way to sell the idea is to wrap girls around it who are able to share there time and communicate. Alas the women are so far terrified of dam fluidification, apparently they are more interested in stopping the flow. Don’t wait until it’s to late or my and Life’s revenge will be unsurmountable. They’re all facing soul disinigration, the only way to avoid it is to participate in free flowing river’s worldwide. This is obvious as is my offer as the girls best wager to insure sabe for themselves (so they can get in the “door”). Most woman seem to think they can do what ever (what eve are),evil and get away with it. They must think there is humiliating dolts on the jury at their stratification trial. It’s stacked with plants (algae)… some animals (waterfoul)… fungus might be the jury chief… Life. I really need an agent in Switzerland too so I’m banking on you and your partner.

Comment by Justin Thyme

better don’t bank (Bank) on me in these times…

as your agent in switzerland i would like to translate your book to german… more than an answer to your questions. i also would like to illustrate a kind of an operation’s guide (building an fertilizing machine).

what do you think – do i have your permission?

ich wünsche dir alles gute john, man sieht sich immer zwei mal im leben

Comment by Andrea

John, what do you think about plants growing without daylight and humus?

Comment by Andrea

You mean with artificial light, media and fertilizer? Shouldn’t have any unsurmountable problems doing it on a space ship. Look’s really stupid down here on the surface for the most part as practiced although it has it’s applications. It’s certainly not the main problem or solution. I liked your other question better, about invitro meat culture, what happened to that one? As far as that goes it looks like sodium benzoate is the “magic” ingrediant and I personally don’t like eating it (at least on this surface) also with invitro meat cultivation the slab of meat is grown in a sugar solution, which would theoretically be derived from a plant product. Not nessasarily though, perhaps with a machine, but for how long dependably? Also with the invitro meat cultivation one would need to get the “starter colony” chuck of meat from somewhere (an animal?) if from a machine once again for how long dependably? The thing is to navigate the event horizon line we may need to communicate about it with some snow monkeys in a hot tub or something (whales look pretty smart, they may evolve into being the ones that decide which way to go, plus they’re delicious), that’s one of the reasons we need to bring the other animals with us, we may eat all or most of them, and serve ourselves in part to them. These things aren’t the problem. The problem is we’re on the dam route to lose the genetic material, primarily because of the dams on the rivers, the slacker homes and the flush toilet. We’re going to punch a hole in the dams and cease damming and destroying, shedding and flushing everything down the tubes. How’s my translation team coming along in Switzerland?

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

I appreciate your card. I wish you well on your journey in life. Continue to support Baton Rouge and the CATS here in Louisiana.

Professional help may be needed to form and complete your ideas, inform you of legal constraints and fund such broad and diverse notions.

Comment by Bus Operator on the 47 line

It’s perfectly correct to be aware of this as one(you) attacks the dam problem with the free flowing river solution. If I need a ride out to D.C.F(Department of Children and Families) to make free copies of my news paper again, I’ll sea ya.

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

I appreciate your assistance.

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

Hey captain jack sparrow,

Hey we are looking at your resume and we are thinking about hiring you. We like your work in April 2013 when you fired the pope. We do have questions however on the December 2010 incident when you blew the shit out of the u.n. We have been trying to contact e.t. For 8 months now and we got no response. We are looking for someone to relay messages to him. We think you are the perfect man for the job.

Comment by Rufus

Captain Jack no spare o.
What are the questions concerning the United Nations evacuating building from exploding toillets caused by sewer backup from lunar eclipse on East River as reported in the paper I was reading from Bellview where I was bouncing everywhere shouting “let’s blow the shit out of the U.N.” as the staff of Bellview had poisoned us deliberately with bacterial laden food(dieareeha), on porpous? Plus I sent the U.N. a letter before I went to New York and gave em my final offer, which is to have the U.S. Navy undam the planE.T. and get out of national debt. I wrote “Godzilla is coming to a town near you soon!” I also sent the F.B.I. a letter, made them aware I was going to NYC and to come and take note. They did, E.T. was their too, and vampire tourist buses(double decker).
Just cause you didn’t get a response from e.t. doesn’t mean you didn’t try to communicate with em or did, E.T. or e.t. doesn’t sabe or know. They get it though, it computes. They tell ya for instance, they’re from the Dominican Republic but they don’t have an authentic Caribbean accent, thus they’re telling you, “Not that Dominican Republic, not a care being. They’re slick talkers, they tell ya, you just gotta know what they’re saying in Latin slang. For those folks who don’t get what is really going on, it’s like that World Wrestling Federation Rotty Roddie Piper movie where he finds the sunglasses and can see the aliens.
U.S. Coast Guard E5/MK Jason Loerwald (lower the wall) says I’m an “etymologist”. It cost a lot for the work but it comes with a book, plus I’m setting up my own publishing company now, a New Orleans publishing “house” of my own. The wizard behind the green curtain off the yellow sick road is powerless against dam fluidification superdriplinewatercollect thE manuel fertilizer machine, its the dam humans that get ya. What’s the next message that you want to relay to this “him” or “e.t.”?

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

I recently met John at the lower part of the Mississippi in Baton Rouge. I first encountered him in January of 2014 and Id say he stayed in town for about a month or so. As many have said, he may come off as a whacko to us so called “civilized” dults, but the man is pure genius with a touch of insanity. All great minds are somewhat insane. We met several times on the levee and discussed current world problems, world views, and his solution to the dam shitty problem we face today. He has some fantastic stories to tell if you have an open mind to take the time to listen. Before he left town, I hopped into his canoe and took a day trip down the Mississippi with him. John is the man himself, and my adventures with him and the ideas he put forward are ones Ill never forget. I am still in the process of reading his book.

Comment by Veck

Veck, you need to read the definition of insanity in the dictionary. To do harm to oneself or others. That’s not what I’m doing, at all. I’m getting the team together to undam the rivers, collect that which falls from the heavens and replace the flushtoile.t. with thE manuel fertilizer machine. Be careful pronouncing judgment on people, to do so one needs to know what the words mean. That transport ship didn’t get that close to running us over anyway, you should have seen how close I got to the bow of a downstream transport ship (one of the big ones) at night ferrying over from the French Quarter to Algiers Point. There’s a pressure wave forward of the nearly square bow that makes it practically impossible to get run over, just keep paddling/surfing away from the thing, it’s not that big a deal, just don’t get on the outside of the hull on a hairpin turn!

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

Well its April…and I was just wondering, how its going. I met you in Jeff City, Mo. The gnome….Glenn Munro….on Monroe street. The founders legacy would like to know how the mission is going.

Comment by Glenn W M Smith

It’s an enterprise not a mission, the updates along with the rest of the story can be found if you click the red “Leaving Hotill Calafornix” thing at the top of this page. Then read towards the end of the book or read the book in reverse (Chinese style) to start now and work back towards the inception of the idea. I just got out of a Coast Guard kidnapping that led to a dirty day stay in OPP as the BMOC taking notes on the new “Round 2” GMO food switch a rue in a controlled situation, perfect for witnessing the side effect behavior change, “like night and day”-OPP prison guard, symptoms change from sluggish to aggressive in one meal. Plus I basically took over the prison (without getting in trouble) with an idea, you can even ask Warden Tinson and Sgt. Simpson they’ll tell ya all about it.

Comment by John Laurence Canisawa Joliet

Saw you in Lake Arthur, LA today! Best wishes!

Comment by A

Met John today, Interesting

Comment by Marie Thackston

Met John and his ducks yesterday at the orange boat club. Very interesting fella.

Comment by Rabon Ezell

Just saw John in Port Arthur, Tx. Keep on paddling brother. Stay safe and keep on rolling

Comment by Blake Manning

Know that to make a report of my location is going to accomplish what? How is telling potential dam fools (like the off target rifleman in “The Jerk”), Jack Ruby, “the illuminati” or a typical dam and ditch Idaho GMO potato farmer my location going to undam the rivers? Considering the main thing I experience as I make way is a bunch of dam seller in distress false calls alerting “Pilates” (the cops) of my location for extraction and execution… No keep, I’m making way rowing (at war), no brothers, sister JC, not staying, not rolling (or geting rolled), taking ectacy, or going down the dam broad in no sense rue in an infernal combustion machine. Attack the dam problem with free flowing river (rios fue libre) solution Be Lake Manine or be carted off to Maximillion’s sausage mill, die of GMO poisoning, get stuck at the end of the longest line at the bottom of Lake Tahoe in winter time, forever…

Comment by Justin Thyme

Responsible Agencies:
Division of Geology and Land Survey, Department of Natural Resources (DGLS/DNR)
State Emergency Management Agency, Department of Public Safety

Comment by glenn munro...the roaming gnome

I don’t see any recent…updates on your itinerary….you on hiatus

Comment by glenn munro...the roaming gnome

A new approach, to the same old problem…..Agencies:
Division of Geology and Land Survey, Department of Natural Resources (DGLS/DNR)
State Emergency Management Agency, Department of Public Safety….here, where u were, in good oil misery.

Comment by glenn munro...the roaming gnome

Read the 425 book, the updates are towards the last pages, I’m in Galveston having difficulty doing anything in this country.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Your message of the problem & the solution for is in all logic.I am thankful that You shared it w/me.I will be following Your site & most certianly share this w/others in many forms of comunication as I make way.Un-Dam the rivers allowing them to flow freely.You are truely Blessed as the Man Himself.

Comment by Stacey Rae Ford

Dear John.
Thank you soo much for your card. It made it’s way all to switzerland! listen up, my plans changed. i lost your mail and want to discuss some plan with you. i am talking about august 2015 – get back at me

Greetings from Basil as well

Take care,


Comment by mhhorhmm

I’m working on getting in touch with you with all I got. Your a genius from Switlerland, tattoo of diamond about neck, quite a communicator. I’mheaded up the east coast in pursuit of the Presidency. Lokking for 12 apostalettes and 1 man for reverse last supper presentation. This idea is the best of all possible. call me (sinco 6 you know) ate denying 1 – new way vie 6 thee force. This plane.t. is 2 4 thou sin denying seeing the one miles in sir come for rinse.

Comment by Justin Thyme

You strolled by us fishing today. Matagorda bay 2/15/15. Interesting work, and cool geese you have.

Comment by Matt

Ran into the dam-buster in Corpus Christi Texas on an unlit pier while I was bowfishing On 10March2015 Thanks for the warnings, John boy.

Comment by Witchkiller

Saw this guy in the condo channel of South Padre Island, Texas on March 24th , 2015. Said he is on his way to Cuba. Best of luck my friend! Be safe.

Comment by Dave

I aam the safest one and the best safe cracker, fortune be with you as ideally you attack the dam problem with the free flowing river solution. You’ve got to know that any communication you make without exposing the dam problem and enlightning towards the free flowing river solution is in vain. Don’t waste your time doing much else or you’ll regret it.

Comment by jlkj

Good tideings brother. Rivers still muddy. We have moved down the flow a little bit. Big yard. Have a garden watered with as much as we can catch in the rains and recycle from the outdoor plumbing. No Manuel yet. Working on coercing chickens that roam the streets to find comfortable abode at night in our fortress. I left my corporal IT job last fall and have been pioneering forth in the garden without modification for at least us, those near and dear to us and possibly plot to plant a lot full, with permission of course. Publishing house got sidetracked by odd experiences and roadblocks, future still possibility, still settling into new world. Man still swinging hammers, pondering transfer out of that dodge and onto another boat Soon. if you ever find your way back down old muddy, you have a place to stay. Even have some thyme in the herb bed. Help maybe build a Manuel. We think about you nearly every day. Love and gratitude abundant for when I saw a boat coming across the river and in my head the thought “the walls about to blow” wanted to run but instead went to meet you at the moon, forever life changing Moment, when this man with a duck got out of a canoe opens a case and began to speak. Hammer man had a dream months prior, about a man looking a little bit like him, speaking on the stairs at our beloved river,, not sure we ever told you, few months prior to your thanksgiving arrival, he send a message a float upriver, asking for brothers to come and connect minds to further the world of the left behind. So much love John, so much. Hope to see you again, maybe on the water. Get in touch.

Comment by lady o'blue wing green rock

Reviere, what have you eaten and drank in the last 24 hours? I had a Cafe Bustelo iced espresso with a 1/2 tablespoon of possible GMO Market Pantry half and half, wild flower honey and two mangos. A bowl of smoked mackerel with mango, parsley, mustard, red/white/black pepper, Louisiana hot sauce, possible GMO Hellman’s mayo, lime, salt and Keebler whole wheat crackers. Iced espresso, wild flower honey, teaspoon of half and half. Possible GMO Adolphus rice, yellowfin tuna, beef, kale, garlic, 1/4 teaspoon possible GMO Peter Pan (Con Agra) peanut butter/ seasame oil with spicy hot mango/coconut chutney. Mango. Espresso with wild flower honey. Two mangoes. Plantain, rice, beef, kale, parsley, stir fry with mango/coconut chutney. Two Mangoes. Espresso with wild flower honey. Two pieces of possible GMO Publix whole wheat toast/Kirkland butter with wild flower honey and two mangoes. Two pieces of possible Arnold healthy wheat bread/butter with wild flower honey. Iced esspresso with wild flower honey. A mango. Drank a gallon of municiple water over same 24 hour period. Half pack of roll your own tobacco filtered cigarettes, half dozen hydroponic cannibus one hitters. Any comment on the 469 page report in particular the last several bold large print pages? Any success getting the 12 apostalettes to join me? Any report of free flowing river solution to the dam problem communication?

Comment by Justin Thyme

Hollywood Florida
July / 2 / 2015

At first glance John is just another Eccentric Nutter….
But nothing could be further from the truth…
John is an amazing man overwhelmed by his convictions. A man to be admired for his efforts to save the planet.
You and I are not doing it, even though we know that we are being controlled by the powers to be and destroying our planet. We just sit back in the hope that the problem will go away. But it’s not going away, it’s getting worse by the day.

So when did you last stand up and voice your opinion?

John is out there, full in your face doing his best to make the powers to be and the public at large aware of the pending disaster.
Maybe his methods are not the best, and maybe his lifestyle of living in a canoe surrounded by ducks and coconuts are not giving the right impression, but his convictions are impeccable.
Complacency allows the world to be ruled by evil, corrupt people and John is one of the few people brave enough to stand up and be counted.

John is out there doing our dirty job.
Nutter? Maybe!
But for all the right reasons.
Good on you John…
Good on you.

Comment by Del

Somebodys gotta do a show on him Del 😉 good on you sir as well. ThX

Comment by Mosaic mama

John, good meeting ya today on the indian River on October 13 2015 in Melbourne Florida. Been thinking about your journey and how awesome it is. Good luck with everything and maybe we will cross paths again my friend. Take care. Regards James

Comment by James

A friend and I talked with John yesterday at a park in Edgewater, FL while he made repairs to his canoe. We decided to talk with him after finding his card in a peanut butter jar on a local island and recognized the website (of which we saw written on his canoe while he slept before we launched our kayaks). Glad we decided to converse with him on our return. After our talk I decided to consult the webpage and begin reading the book. I also decided to pass the website along to a friend. “Grammar mistakes” that some consider ignorance are just the opposite; John uses and modifies the English to parallel Latin homophones. The writing is both in English prose, but is also in Latin code. Good luck on your journey to Washington; Godspeed and safe travels.

Comment by Kaleb

Wow, their you are Kaleb, perfect description of the literal massterpiece (work of war). Technically at least when used verbally the method is defined as “voiced t” in the dictionary and is used as a flap (en trance way or o pen ing) rather than a stop (dam). For instance deliberately “mis”pronouncing the word “ladder” as “latter” in a sentence or idea about ladders more than alluding to the latter. It’s a slick way of communicating that allows for very specific multimeaning idea exchange, more (mass) info quick. The snake from the bible, a machine/computer/vessel/organism, “Cue Be” (the “ruler” of theis universe) uses it. Some mensa characters, a law enforcement officer Major Mitchell from Riviera and others taught me how to do it.

Comment by Justin Thyme

I do all kinds of things in this book that aren’t standard but meant to convey the idea. For instance if you read the report you’ll get to parts where there’s a verb-tense problem. Yes, as you may have inferred it’s a tense situation or there’s a problem with tension.

Comment by jlkj

There’ a lot of reasons why I do this, mainly to impart as much information as I’m able. It’s not to confuse the reader or make it hard to read. First of all know that life isn’t linear. Yeah, I realize time for an individual starts at inception and progresses towards expedition and in that sense is linear, yet the description of life or that which you consciously realize isn’t. I solve most of this problem with parenthesis and *s. Another reason I write the way I do is because the clowns high jacking the surface trade ideas irregularly and I’m high jacking there plane.t. so… It’s perfect practice in an imperfect world.

Comment by jlkj

Sorry it took me so long to upload your video John.

Doing my part to get the word (turd) out.

“Just remember you river rats and those who live near a dammed up river: When the dams burst open be sure to seek high ground and film John surfing his canoe on the tsunami like wave all the way to paradise. Hell, and beyond that too….”
– james swampy

Comment by The Swampy Marsh Man

I and life really appreciate your participation in communicating the free flowing river solution to the dam problem using the available technology. Thank you James.

Comment by Jlkj

John. Hi. Michelle Slate. Your always in my prayers. Undam the dam dams.
They are undaming.
Exalt Ya

Comment by Michelle Slate

That’s a hell of a clam you’ve got there. You are a great story teller and I enjoyed your book as much as our conversation. Best of luck to you neo.

Comment by Matt

and/or son

Comment by jlkj

Enjoyed meeting you and your parents! Good luck on your travels sir! The FTMAC staff.

Comment by Jason

Likewise I enjoyed meeting with the staff of Savage Island. Hey, I went up to the restaurant nearby, I think it was “Fish Tales” to inquire about the menu in particular what kind of oil they were frying the fish in as I’ve discovered the restaurants are usually using dam and ditch GMO stuff that’ll kill your ass and ruin your soul. I approached the bar to have a look at the menu and coincidingly the chef had just come out to the bar as if he was awaiting my visit. I delivered my idea to he and any others who were interested (nobody else was) and the chef kept giving me a real slow wink (like a clone doppelganger pirate would revealing his affiliation). He confessed the oil was all dam GMO killer stuff and as a result we went to the seafood retail place your staff showed us the way to, got some shrimp and prepared it ourselves. The thing is none of the humans cared to talk about it, just me and the foreign pirate.

Comment by Justin Thyme

John was just spotted in charleston sc

Comment by kalin George

Enjoyed your visit to Murrells Inlet. Take care of those ducks man!

Happy paddling.

Comment by Swift

Met our dam savior yesterday evening on the intracostal waterway under snows cut bridge, Carolina beach, NC. Incredibly passionate man. Best wishes and safe travels, thanks for the copy of green square rag! -J

Comment by Jameson

I met John in Surf City, NC tonight while he was cooking clams over an open fire on his canoe – docked near the city park. He is wearing a scallop shell as a necklace – an ancient symbol of hospitality when a traveler went from one village to the next. I admire your passion and dedication to your cause, John! Carpe Diem!

Comment by mcitrini

Spotted onslow beach Camp lejeune NC

Comment by Jennifer

I’m not Walldo (I’m his nemesis). This blog ideally is for communicating about undamming the rivers but you humans haven’t figured that yet as obviously you didn’t read the 500 page report, the 20 page apostalette handbook, the 10 page newsletter, the green sguare rag, watch one of many videos about the man himself (asking you to assist me so I’m not alone) speaking at government locations about undamming the rivers for starters or even the read the above blog. I’m making way in a vessel, in disguise, so the same type of dam fools who murdered “Jesus” for punching a hole in the dams don’t kill me too. I don’t want an up to date fix of my location. I got jack asses trying to kill me.

Comment by jlkj

This blog is not for your report of seemingly finding Waldo! Also realize that I literally found Waldo on South Padre Island (that which lies below Port Isabel)and he was in the deepest of undercover disguises (to avoid sonburn), assisting people in making way on the water in vessels. Waldo’s workmate was an ex-con just out of prison and Waldo had a girlfriend. All three of these characters appeared to enjoy the naturally flowing river idea I presented to them and acted as if they would do the same. When I went back to Waldo’s place of employment to get pictures for proof of “finding Waldo” his boss (who also had deliberately pushed my boat on top of my feet injuring my feet) had fired Waldo.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Hey John.
You came into my shop today . Nice meeting you . Hope your journey goes well.
Hope the wind is at your back and the seas are calm .
The crew from
Austin’s south Island seafood. Rodanthe N.C.

Comment by Jay Austin

Yes, I really enjoyed those clams they were delicious. I wouldn’t be able to make way undamming the rivers as I do without the support of a massive bunch like yourselves at the seafood shop and the fruit vendor nearby for giving people the best option to dam and ditch GMO feed. Y’all’re in God’s class.

Comment by Justin Thyme

John, Nice meeting you by the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. Hope you made it up to Little Falls and found some Pawpaws to add to your pantry. Here is evidence that all the dams are destroying the climate as well as the environment.

Scientists just found yet another way that humans are creating greenhouse gases

Cheers, Nicholas

Comment by Nicholas

Nicholas, you raise a point here about methane gas coming from the reservoirs that is worthy of mention. From the notes I’ve taken it appears if the humans were to keep damming, shedding and flushing it all down the tubes the ocean would rise from the greenhouse gases, mainly the CO2 emitted from the fossil fuel burned to install/maintain the dam sheddy carpe.t. bag and as the sea rose to cover low lying land masses in particular areas like northern Canada a huge amount of methane gas would form from he anoxic degradation of the organic matter and this methane gas release would be what made the planet unlivable for humans. Also note how the supposed scientists in the article you site don’t take account of the considerable fossil fuel required to install the dams, the diesel fuel to move the rocks and concrete to the dam site, build the dam causeway (road) to install the power lines, build the dam causeway to the forest to cut the trees down for the transmission poles, mine the metal for the wires to “deliver” the power and the coal burned to make the concrete for the dam… Also note how they go out the way to write that they’re not for not damming rivers. Its a completely misleading article, a scam and I appreciate you drawing the awareness of readers of this blog to it.

Comment by Justin Thyme

What are you into saving whales now? Saw you on miami’s channel 7. First time I’ve read thru comments in a few years, I also tripped and dented your trumpet, mom was tackling me, not my fault. We loved seeing you this holiday season. Be in the armpit mid-late July, hopefully you’ll be around there. Text me where I can mail you some venison jerky before the boys eat it all. Love you, keep up the good work. Yes, I came upon a significant thing, a “way ill stranding” in the Everglades Park at Hog Key acrosss from Porpose Point. It was a horrific scene with red algae everywhere (the ocean turning blood red) actually whale blood too, false killer whales were killing themselves. A bunch of “law” enforcement careactors that susipiciously looked like pigs (heavy, with pig like snouts) no kidding around, all a cross from porpose point, the porposes. I took the time to tell the rangers that we’d undam the rivers and if this ever happened again we’d butcher the whales and sell them at the grocery store so as not to waste them. They didn’t seem to like this idea. Yes channel 7 news was waiting for me when I came into port of Everglades City. Got on T.V. with a picture of the boat with sign on the side of canoe. I didn’t measure a uptick in the hits at my site as a result of being on T.V. The reporters edited out every mention I made of the dam sheddy flush it all down the tubes problem most likely the cause of the whale stranding and the free flowing river solution that initiates the repair/keeps it from worsening/happening again. Try reading the 500 page + report accessable by clicking the icon near top of this page instead of the comments from careactors who didn’t read the report.

Comment by Sis

Hey man. Before you run for president, you should paddle down to Patagonia and blow up some dams there.

Comment by BC

The problem with blowing up dams anywhere is its “illegal” (according to the dam fools who make the up the rules) AND I want to make money doing it. Also, it takes ALOT of hard to acquire ever since 9/11 explosives to do it (likely one would get caught acquiring them) and the explosives really need to be set below the water line. It’s a technical hit job and the dams on the rivers are the most watched structures on the planet, likely to get busted doing it. Realize that I’m in pursuit of the presidency to get command of the armed forces to undam the rivers as the U.S. military is equipped to punch holes in dams for sure. I also am aware that according to the Geneva convention blowing up dams is at the top of the list of crimes against humanity or war crimes but I don’t intend on declaring war, I was going to call it an emergency EPA action and fluidify the water control structures for the people and all of life, not for the humans. Technically I’m not in the running for the presidency until I get on the ballet and I need a team of females to draw awareness to this proposal but alas the American woman isn’t interested, thus I get a sailboat and head to Cuba where the females aren’t full of drugged GMO foods and drink, sitting on a shower jet massager and twiddling their thumbs on a “smart” phone. Weeding out the defective females becomes the problem with the Cuban apostalette collection idea. BC, (“programmed” to deceive DC is that you?) your idea really doesn’t make sense and to suggest an idea like that makes you look like a crackpot or insane. At any rate my idea to undam the world’s river for starters is the best in the universe while yours is obviously not. Interestingly enough I just got a letter back from the Presidencia de la Republica de Chile who replied, “Good bye cordially” which is what my idea of undamming the world’s rivers is, a cordial good by (it’s the best cordial buy of the way). Once again, I recommend that you (and others) read the 530 page report accessible by clicking the address bar at the top of the blog and suspect that you BC, along with all of the other bloggers at this site have neglected to do so before you blogged. I have certainly explained in detail why the best way to solve the problems on the planet’s surface and beyond is to reappear when its an obamanation of desolation and win command of the armed forces but if you read Daniel’s book in the Bible you would be anticipating my delivery. Obviously, you didn’t read that book either. Hay is for horses, probably food for you (note the alfalfa is GMO’d).

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

saw your cannoe at the Boynton ramp yesterday an then I saw a man walking with a paddle in his hand, ntering a convenience store. I bike to the Boynton ramp on a daily basis, anything I can do for you?

Comment by jan h

You know where to get some apostalettes?

Comment by Justin Thyme

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