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I found your lost canoe at National Airport park north of runway.

Comment by Stan

The abandoned canoe which I found is the same one that John Lawrence was seen in the pictures posted here. Perhaps there is a missing persons report out for him? Reply and I can send pictures.

Comment by Stan

I’m alive with the best sign on other side of the river from Washsintown, making a grave point. I’m collecting together the team to undam the rivers, anybody interested?

Comment by Justin Thyme

John Lawrence contacted me via text messages to my cell phone about a month ago. He said his canoe was stolen back then and he has returned to his residence in Florida. He asked me to retrieve the canoe and store it but I was traveling on business out of the country a lot and could not find the
Opportunity. The canoe is not there anymore. I forget her name but one contact friend reported him missing to the park police and I think they may have taken it. John Lawrence (I thin that was his name) is alive in Florida.

Comment by Stan

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