The Infinity Project


Inspector Clusseou, Kato, and Rolley Polley Jolley




Helen White

Helen White





With the added alien eye and antenna its obvious the picture depicts a leering space alien not a bowl of cereal and a spoon, but the Conagri picture actually depicted is a leering alien pirate (they’re admitting they have no depth perception, they don’t know what they’re doing). This is the loophole that I and life enter with the idea that we would be their “seeing eye dogs” but we need good natural food that we have evolved to eat to do so. If we’ve got to redesign the ships to do so we will. If they participate in dam fluidification, this we will do for them. If they continue to do what they’re doing (encouraging us to eat dam and ditch/pumped sprinkler GMO food and destroying our natural food in process) we’ll just undam the rivers without their assistance, spank em, take em for everything they’ve got and/or run em off, build better ships, chase em down and get revenge.


Woetoman Head Hunter

Woetoman Head Hunter


Duck Man

Duck Man


dame waterfowl roast

dame waterfowl roast


gander waterfoul roast

gander waterfoul roast


Man in Canoe with Bison es de Spirit pushing waterfowl

Man in Canoe with Bison es de Spirit pushing waterfowl


Port IsabeL survival kit

Port IsabeL survival kit


credentials first page New Orleans to Port IsabeL

credentials first page New Orleans to Port IsabeL


last page BIG FOOT PROJECT notebook

last page BIG FOOT PROJECT notebook


post boy for the post office

post boy for the post office



WE ATE YOUR (UP SIDE DOWN IN REVERSE TICK) FAMILY, Alimentary canal for those pumping shit into ya parasites dragging life down.



first town in America’s #1 racket/what happened to Florida


low country boil

“I ate this on Memorial day night while “fishing” for Marines to deliver the undam the rivers idea to the English (RAF/Royal Navy) dam busters 617 lightning squadron which is training at the Marine Air Base in Beoufort, SC. mussels, mercinaria claws (stone crab), andoulle sausage, potatoes, corn, orange, orange zest, red/white/black/cayenne/paparika pepper, white wine and honey served with honey/mustard/olive oil dipping sauce and spearmint tea. Caught a bunch of Marines with this presentation, some who’d heard of me from my recon of Paris Island delivering my new “a green square rag” newspaper to Marines fishing. What better timing (Memorial day) and place (from the river) to deliver free flowing river solution to a bomber squadron that on my birthday May 17, punched holes in several big dams in Germany WWII, the only productive bombing ever. Let’s do it again, bigger and better, just in time


GMO Hominy Grits Ghoul

GMO Hominy Grits Ghoul


Where they make the Goulish

Where they make the Ghoulash



This is THE picture on Charleston’s King Street at the Cookie Shop (bags of Vente Coffee located just below picture). The thing is it’s really like this including a man who kinda looks like the Wizard of Oz dressed up kinda in my outfit, black/natural colored linen with a brass scallop shell necklace and all. He even acts like the Wizard of Oz and he’s sitting around back/on the side of the coo key shop… so we told ya. I actually first met the “wizard” at another place in town, “180”, as we’re turning this ship about.


Yellow GMO bananas with no nose (no sabe) served up to you by a hot woe to man that suspiciously looks like a green space alien lizard from a far. Remember yellow in Latin means dammed. Don’t miss the concrete trucks below the picture. Also of note most the humans on the street are aware of the GMO bananas (muse) problem even though supposedly no actual GMO bananas are on the market yet as the experimental trial (try ill) on the dozen (do sin) females… at Iowa University (I owe a U.) has been delayed even though 500 (sinco seeing) woman applied for the… This is the billboard (be ill board) coming into Washington D.C. I knew, but double checked with the most likely person who would know (the security guard at the National Library) and asked him, “Where’s the worst dam killer ass GMO food in town?” Without even missing a beat the National Library security guard answered, “Over by the White House.”


This trapazoid sign is the reverse of distress with yellow square, yellow meaning dammed, square meaning food (To reverse the distress of the dam GMO food). It’s the sail (sale) of my vessel. Did you ever think Santa was the snake from the Bible (a machine/computer/vessel/organism created by some dam fools in the past who destroyed their natural sytem just like the humans are now, invented a mahine to replace their natural system enslaving themselves to it, went on for a very long time as space pirates, got to the end (the black hole) and were sent back to start again {start to gain}) and come.t., cueped, donher, blitzen were the four horsemen servitdie? I took it the Rudoff position was available, applied and got the lead (I’ve got the bit securely in my teeth). See the deer antlers with blinking red light atop the fruit display? Also the easter bunny represents a devilish eater of its own shit which is what happens if you kill the man himself (“Jesus”) and do the opposite of his reccommendation which was to undam the rivers, collect that which falls from the heavens and bereshit properly (use composted fertilizer and collect water from super to grow fruit). This is certainly what “Jesus” told us to do. If you don’t think so (what I’m telling you as the return of “Jesus”) than the whole Santa Clause/Easter Bunny thing centered about his supposed birthday and execution day doesn’t make any sense which is exactly what the dam fools want, as that’s why they tell the story that way. I present this black flag yellow circle yellow square with rudoff motiff amidst fruit from trees so you can’t miss the picture as most don’t read the 500+ report titled “Leaving Hotill Calafornix” accessable by clicking on the address bar labled such. The dam fools just scan the blog which doesn’t make any sense to them (because that’s what the blogger’s wanted) although I do my best to guide the mostly dam fool replies back on course to undamming the rivers.

Who else would appear again to save ya by undamming the rivers for starters as its an “obama nation of desolation”-Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11, with surface mass check in of 66.6 kilograms, looking just like “Jesus”, with even the scars all in the correct location?



The Pinup

Take note of pun see t you way tion (punctuation)

This is how the apostalette manuel comes in the mail, seeking 18 female apostles for a convoy of canoes reverse last supper presentation in pursuit of the presidency 2020 for perfect vision to command the armed forces to undam the world’s rivers, charge them for it, get out of national debt and make a fortune in celestial city installation.


numbskull drinks

“Remember when you were a kid, it was the old non-GMO dam and ditch crap and we called it “brain freeze” when you drank too much cold slurpee or soda pop to fast?  Now that it is dam and ditch agriculture grown GMO Roundup Ready Ignite or even potentially ethanol grade not fit for consumption sweetened, it has become “numb skull” which is what the stuff makes you act like even if you drink it slow or at room temperature.  Note as advertised it “Unleashes the freeze” (insinuating that it is all done for undamming or to undam the rivers or perhaps for the frozen locked up water problem to run wild).  Also note the picture of what appears to be an “Abominable snowman”.  I went into the Racetrack gas station and got a tall cup of filtered ice water 2 or 3 times a day all summer long at no charge (they encourage you to drink water not GMO soda pop) and said to the employees, “Let me guess, they came in here just before I showed up in town and changed the signage?” to which the Racetrack employees verbally replied, “Yep” and looked down as if to non-verbally imply / avoid the implication.  This is the “way” it is everywhere I go, and if anything it just makes it easy for me to be the head note taker if that’s all I am.  An interesting twist developed (as usual) in that I wasn’t able to get the “numb skull picture” because my phone failed, wrapped around a procuring marijuana subplot which was made even more exasperating for me because the international postage stamp is, “Have a ball” and I haven’t had sex in years but the girls who seemed like they’d give me some wanted to smoke some herbs in order for me to get laid so…  I continue to attack the dam problem with a naturally flowing river solution to save us all from damnation, get some good herbs and have productive intercourse!  This is what drives me to save the whorl.”


The dam fools have got stewped signs like this everywhere encouraging dolls to dam it.


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stylin’! love it, love you!

Comment by sis

thanks J.C., cancel the school district curriculim

Comment by JLKJ

My sister J.C.

Comment by John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

Hi John, I always ask Jenny about you and how your travels are going. Hope all is well. Take care! Erika

Comment by Erika

There is no hope on a dammed planet. In the dictionary hope is book ended by hop and hophead. Hop is Humilious lupilous, its humiliating and maddening. A hophead is a drug addict. Wreckormend eliminate hope from lexicon, replace with ideally, as in you’ll get your hands (manos) on it and influence the outcome for revenue.

Comment by jlkj

We’ll be looking for you again, us guys on the M/V Genie. I have a couple pictures you might want so shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you. I didn’t get a chance to meet you personally, but my deck crew sure enjoyed talking with you. Stop by in Baton Rouge (which is where we are heading) or anywhere you see us if you need some more water or supplies. Be careful out there.

Michael Franks
M/V Genie (blue and white Enterprise towboat)

Comment by Michael Franks

Yeah, 22 degrees when I got to Baton Rouge. I paddled up from N.O. through the largest dam an ditch weaponized GMO export ever seen (every year practically is) interrorgating/interviewing deck crews, sounded first general quarters alarm on USS Somerset the last of 9/11 ships in ascent. Log of “Columbian Drug Lord” ships and manifests in 469 page report “Leaving Hotill Calafornix”. From New Orleans to Port IsabeL oysters mostly dead covered in algae. Don’t worry, my response to the clone doppleganger pirates highjacking the surface was to highjack their computer, “Hal” is more like “Maximillion” from “The Black Hole”. It and I are a team, a convoy. It’s the Leader and I’m the Commander. I lit the grill in Port IsabeL. Team’s collecting together the dam fools (humans and clone doppleganger pirates) in operation/enterprise triple stacked roundup ready “not fit” (sold at target/wallmart labled “all natural*”) for consumption ethanol grade ignite. As you are aware, 9/11/2001 spells out denying the levy to mill you know! The dam fools, the largest minority and their followers make up the majority. However some are worse than others and the “Maximillion Grubs” sausage processing team (could be a mustard gas mobile disguised as a taxi or a flooring team that you call upon shows up, packs up all your stuff on your orders to cover up the cracked from uncollected precipitation foundation, you and your family packed out likewise, porous dam sheddy flushtoile.t. house sold within days to the next dam fools) is rounding up those who aren’t attacking the dam problem with the free flowing river solution, are paying for the dam sheddy flushtoilet bills, and have no natural plants and animals about them or fruits and nuts to eat on their property or where they stay. I told ya. I intiated this fix so as to continue in power with the force as the jackasses killing the humans with GMO feed obviously had gotten considerable power to do so. So I had to one up em. Come up with a more rapid way to fix the problem, or else I was out. Plus, I force forward the best of solutions. I’m seaking 12 apostalettes and one man for a reverse last supper presentation in convoy of vessels headed up the east coast in pursuit of the presidentsee.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Meet up with him in the intercostal Water Way last night. May 8th at 1:00 in the morning. Near Houma La.

Comment by Shain Curole

met this dude today in edgewater fl. nice fellow but im just not sure about the human sausages thing.

Comment by dan

Hey Dan, in Port IsabeL the antique dealer at the Rio Bravo declared I’m the biggest dude ever seen, ever. I didn’t argue with him as he was surely aware I got the 4 horsemen ready to ride. Now, if you want to ride, get on. Otherwise we’ll see how you fare. Remember the trade mark name of the Genetically Engineered to kill you food plants is Round up Ready Ignite. The bible reads “all are served up as they serve up”. It’s important that we barbecue the dam fools so they’re able to enter the door of heaven as a productive entity. It’s the only productive thing they ever did or would likely do. I’m specifically eating Dietz & Watson sausage now. I had to endorse/emboss this barbecoo the dam fools idea cause it’s the only thing I could do to get rid of the dam fools more rapidly than killing em with dam and ditch GMO food. Life empowers me (and those on my team) more thus and takes power from those who obviously have got the power to eliminate the dam fools with GMO feed. So to continue being on top of the power structure it was paramount that I make and enforce the decision. Plus its the correct thing to do to force the messes in the correct way. Remember I’m seeking 12 apostalettes, 6 in reserve and 1 man for reverse last supper presentation so as to lead the masses in the correct way (amongst other projects). In short you will be sure of the dam fool BBQ one way or another. 9/11/2001 spells out denying the levy to mill you know (keep denying the water control structure problem and its off to the sausage factory you know) or new way vie one say to thou san one (the new way of life I present as the one, to undam the rivers for starters is recieved by you, the one, and you force forward the free flowing river solution to the dam problem as if you were the one). Once again when I entered the barbecooed command into the computer on Good Friday (revenge) a man in a King James skin suit with a backpack full of bibles was waiting for me in the garden outside the library. I asked if he represented the machine/computer/vessel/organism it confirmed and pulled out a bottle of Red Hot sauce. We’re preforming a genetic experiment in part to assure we don’t get stuck with a space ship of fools in the future (it wants a slick, knowledgeable, aware, communicable, productive, reasonable, relieable space monkey to service the vessel). This is my main partner “Cue Be” (beside the force of life of the multiuniverse project which I represent), the snake from the bible, the “illuminati”s boss. I’ve got other entities assisting forcefully as well, God, Yi, The Devil, Satan, Vega, Betelguese… some bueracracies: BLM, FBI, The Men in Black and many what could be viewed as regulars, very large supporting cast.

Comment by Justin Thyme

A friend of mine met John at the Edgewater, FL boat ramp this morning. Also found his business card on a local island inside of a peanut butter jar. We had an interesting talk while he repaired his canoe. Good luck, John. Safe travels to “Washington town”.

Comment by Kaleb C.

I’m making way from Flowridea to Washsintown, in pursuit of the President see.

Comment by Justin Thyme

stumbled across John as I kayaked by an island in Port Orange that he was camped out on. At the very least he was extremely interesting. Enjoyed our conversation even though I really did not understand much of his thoughts and ideas. Definitely a unique individual. Wish you the best of luck on your journeys John.

Comment by Stephen C.

I never camp, I was just sitting in the shade of a tree. Camping is what you’re doing at your home and it’s illegal in the dam ages. I didn’t want you to understand (end to end ho), I did every thing I could to get you to know (Sabe). When I tell you “Remember when Bush, Dick and Colon were our leaders, F.D.A. Surge On General Dr. See Very E.T. Coop was doleing out the weaponized drugged GMO food, the leader of the W.T.O. (the front group pushing the poisoned GMO feed on us) is Robber too and the World Trade Center went down like a professional building drop” and you don’t get it… And then I give you a synopsis, “While you’re screwing each other you’re getting bushwacked (the killer dam and ditch agriculture grown GMO food) and a foreign entity is stealing the place from you.” and you still don’t get it (we’ve got to undam the rivers to save our selves, e.t. too) it’s because your brain dead. This will make it real easy to dolly your sorry sheep ass into a mustard gas huffing end with your ass literally stuffed into your entrails and made productive. Don’t think so? Learn to read!

Comment by jlkj

well we met our dam savior at BINGS LANDING in THE HAMMOCK …FLAGLER COUNTY …. about two weeks ago and we have been eating sausage every day sense then … it was really nice to meet a man that really made good solid sense and had something smart to say …

Comment by Claude Hendry

I met many interesting characters with reports of there own at this location including an old man who claimed some spooky creeps associated with Monsanto basically twisted his arm behind his back and marched him out of real food production, “stole” his land and began growing doom food. Make sure to eat plenty of non dam and ditch fruit, nuts and seafood with the ideally dam fool laden sausage for the best effect. I’ve got to maintain my muscle to push a vessel on this dam ditch in pursuit of undamming the world’s rivers while insuring my own soul’s entrance into port at the top level and have found a couple Florida oranges with a thin slice of ideally dam fool laden mustard flavored sausage works great for a snack several times throughout the day and nights of dam attack.

Comment by jlkj

Oh yeah, know I’m not your savior (unless you’re ground up into sausage and enter the heavens as a productive soul by my order/demand) you’ll have to save yourself (might want to read the 500 page report detailing how to, hint: you need to participate in dam fluidification). I’m certainly not saving the dams and I didn’t tell you to eat sausage every day.

Comment by jlkj

Had a sighting on Fishweir Creek and Little Fishweir Creek quiet the vessel. Great to see someone who is so crazy about their passion. Paddle on Dude!

Comment by Yorkiepoo

I’m not crazy and know I’m not going to be quiet. I can tell you’ld rather have me depart your area than force forward a naturally flowing river from this hot spot (a creek once loaded with fish now lined in a weir(d) rock pile. If you insist on calling me a dude at least realize I’ve got the (4 w)horsemen ready to ride. You’ve got to ride them though or you’re going to get trampled and shat on (to death). Once again for the care actors who aren’t able to participate in communicating about undamming the rivers to initiate the celestial city installation (like you Yorkiepoo) I’d prefer to not have a recent location fix for the assassin from “The Jerk” types to hunt me down. Passion is definitely not the word to use to describe the idea I’m imparting to you. In short this is because that which was experienced by Christ (the misery of execution) is what you’re about to experience. I’m on a vessel having the most fortunate time in the multiuniverse project, enjoying water planet and its delicious seafood and fruit, making the best of a bad situation and taking note of it for potential readers. I encourage you to read the notes and then make a comment but so far apparently only “Maximilliongrubs” (like a barbecoo expert from “The Black Hole”, a clone doppelganger pirate bitch who likes the idea almost as much as her rock king chair and Lazereth (you all need to read the bible) have read the report. It’s 500 pages and since it’s an Obama nation of desoulation for real, just like its written in the bible I’d appear again (to gain) you should be anticipating this report being delivered.

Comment by jlkj

Omg I saw this guy in the Everglades and I’m freking scared

Comment by Fluff

Don’t be scared, be prepared to assist undamming the rivers.

Comment by Justin Thyme

The Edds from key largo said hello, they told me a lot about you I agree with you 100%

Comment by Thomas lawhorn

Yes, we’re whoreing (selling) the law to mass. Editing the dam scam.

Comment by Justin Thyme

I was at Gravelly Point Park earlier today.
It’s across the water from Reagan Airport in Arlington, VA. There was a boat there. The boat had
“Infinity painted on the side. I photographed the boat.

Comment by Patricia Cooper

Yeah, somebody stole it from me. Case and power drill found at Coreman Construction site.

Comment by Justin Thyme

Hi John….I have that picture that I took of you this morning in Punta Gorda but how do I email it to you?

Comment by Kathi

Please contact me send me a message to my email please and I will email u a contact number. I really need to speak with whomever is author of this page. Email me at

Please don’t hesitate!!

Comment by Nichole Butterman

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